Asia Baru Construction
We are in civil and building construction with particular specialisation in Water Works and Sewerage project ranging from sewerage treatment plant, river intakes, water treatment plants, storage tanks, reservoirs, pipe laying and major diversion...etc

Asia Baru Construction Sdn. Bhd. is a reputable engineering and construction company and turnkey contractor for infrastructure development, with particular specialization in water infrastructure works, such as:

  • river intakes
  • water treatment plants
  • pumping stations
  • reservoirs / storage tanks
  • pipelines
  • major pipe diversions, including live connection to existing mains
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Projek Skim Bekalan Air Triang
  Pakej 6B - Construction and Commissioning of Residuals Treatment Plant, Pipelaying and Associated Works at New Ngoi Ngoi Treatment Works Phase 1 The New Ngoi-Ngoi Water Treatment Works, Phase 1 of nominal treated water output c...
Proposed Bertam DAF Phase 2 Water Treatment Plant, Durian Tunggal, Melaka
  Package 1 - Construction and Completion of Intake Tower and Raw Water Pumping Station at Durian Tunggal Dam and 1200mm Diameter Raw Water Pipeline from Durian Tunggal Dam to Bertam DAF Phase 2 Water Treatment Plant Pengurusan A...
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