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PROJECTS > Projek Meningkatkan Kapasiti Empangan Sungai Tinggi Dam, Mukim Sungai Tinggi

Project Background
Asia Baru Construction Sdn. Bhd. submitted a proposal entitled "Feasibility Study For Potential Raw Water Resources in Sungai Selangor River Basin & The Proposal For Raising Sungai Tinggi Dam" to Perbandanan Urus Air Selangor Berhad (PUAS) in April 2002 and recommended to PUAS to adopt the option of raising the Sg. Tinggi Dam.

In June / July 2002, PUAS commissioned the designer of the dam, SMHB Sdn. Bhd. to investigate the feasibility for the raising of Sg. Tinggi Dam and concluded that it was technically feasible and safe to raise the dam embankment and reservoir water to create a larger storage.

The Letter of Acceptance for the project was issued by PUAS to the Turnkey Contractor (Asia Baru Construction Sdn. Bhd.) in August 2002 and the Contract Document was duly signed and stamped in October 2002. Construction works started in earnest in September 2002.

Briefly, the scope of work for this project comprised the following major components:

> Reservoir rim site clearing of about 100 hectares or rim length of some 107km.

> Raising existing dam crest by construction of RC retaining wall and earth filling including slope protection to both upstream and downstream.

> Construction of a saddle dam.

> Dismantling existing RC bridge and replacement with galvanised steel footbridge to spillway
> Raising of existing spillway and footbridge supports.

> Removal and replacement of existing street lighting and extension of affected geotechnical instruments and flow measuring device at measuring flume.

> Drainage and roadworks.

> Desilting of channel / river for a distance of about 1000m from existing measuring flume.

> Make good minor existing faulty equipment.

> Conduct Dam Safety Inspection before commencement of Sg. Tinggi Dam works and after completion of works.

> A compressor house to accommodate two (2) units of compressor for destratification system and its associated electrical and mechanical equipment.

> Construction of PUAS's Human Resources Training Centre comprising renovation and refurbishment of existing staff quarters. Additional facilities include the construction of new surau, canteen and parade / court area to accommodate 100 persons including all other necessary amenities.
Project Information
Client / Owner: Perbadanan Urus Air Selangor Berhad (PUAS)
Consultant: SMHB Sdn. Bhd.
Main Contractor: Asia Baru Construction Sdn. Bhd.
Sub-Contractor: N/A
Date of Commencement: 2nd September 2002
Date of Completion: 1st March 2003
Project Methodology
The Turnkey Contractor implemened a crash programme to complete the works, especially the extension of spillway and RC retaining wall and earthworks at dam crest to be ahead of schedule so as to capture and take advantage of the inter-monsoon season and/or North-East monsoon season. This together with the pumping refilling of 150 Mld which was already operational will serve to accelerate the refilling of Sg. Tinggi reservoir and shorten the drawdown-refilling period from the original anticipated period of 32 months to a period of less than 6 months.

Upon the timely completion of the project by the turnkey contractor, controlled releases of water from the increased storage of the impounded reservoir will flow into Sg. Selangor at periods of low river flow this will ensure adequate river levels to permit continuous abstraction at the river intakes at Batang Berjuntai serving SSP1, SSP2 and SSP3.

Considering the shortage of workers arising from the repatriation of foreign workers and the wet monsoon season experienced during the construction period, Asia Baru Construction Sdn. Bhd. still managed to complete the project within the allocated 6 months contract period. In short, till to-date, Asia Baru Construction Sdn. Bhd. still maintains its unblemished record of timely delivery of fast-track projects including turnkey project like this one.