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PROJECTS > Projek Skim Bekalan Air Batu Hampar, Rembau, Negeri Sembilan

Project Background
Pakej 2 - Construction and Completion of Barrage, Intake, Water Treatment Plant and Associated Works

Jabatan Bekalan Air Negeri Sembilan (JBANS), an agency of The State Government of Negeri Sembilan intends to construct a water treatment works next to Sg. Rembau near Kg. Sawah Raja, in the district of Rembau as part of the "Skim Bekalan Air Batu Hampar" to supply potable water to meet the demands of Port Dickson (South) and Rembau districts up to Year 2020.

JBANS awarded the Contract Pakej 2 - Construction and Completion of Barrage, Intake, Water Treatment Plant and Associated Works to Konsortium MBI-SCT, i.e. an unincorporated Consortium of a State Government owned company Menteri Besar Incorporated and a local construction company Setaracita Construction & Trading Sdn Bhd. Impressed by Asia Baru's experiences and track records in water supply projects, the Konsortium MBI-SCT, sub-contracted the works to Asia Baru Construction Sdn Bhd.

Briefly, the scope of works for this Contract comprised the following major components:

- Reinforced concrete barrage structure across Sg. Rembau.
- Raw water intake pump station of ultimate capacity 100 Mld.
- A 1000mm diameter raw water pumping main.
- Water treatment works of ultimate capacity 100 Mld which comprises the following facilities:
* Aerator
* Inlet mixing cum backwash tank
* Clarifiers
* Filters and gallery
* Clear water tank
* Treated water pump station
* Control building
* Chemical building
* Chlorine building
* Generator building
* Sludge treatment facility
- A 800mm diameter treated water pumping main.
- All mechanical and electrical works including pumping plants, treatment process system and
equipment, instrumentation and control system.

Generally, the civil and structural works were designed to ultimate capacity of 100 Mld, except for clarifiers,filters and clear water tank which were constructed to Stage 1 capacity of 50 Mld. Whereas, most of the M&E equipment were only installed for Stage 1 capacity of 50 Mld.
Project Information
Client / Owner: Jabatan Bekalan Air Negeri Sembilan (JBANS)
Consultant: Sepakat Setia Perunding Sdn Bhd
Main Contractor: Konsortium MBI-SCT
Sub-Contractor: Asia Baru Construction Sdn Bhd
Date of Commencement: 28th November 2007
Date of Completion: 27th November 2009
Project Methodology
Immediately upon receipt of Letter of Award and after fulfilling all the conditions precedents, topographical survey were immediately been carried out by licensed surveyor for both the barrage/intake site adjacent to the river, Sg. Rembau and treatment works site across the road on slightly higher elevation area.

Within one (1) month's time, approval for the proposed temporary river diversion was obtained from Jabatan Pengairan dan Saliran (JPS). River diversion and temporary cofferdam were immediately followed to enable construction of barrage structure and intake pump station. Due to the existence of hard strata of sub-soil underneath the barrage structure, pre-boring was carried out to enable installation of mild steel sheet pile. This mild steel sheet pile form a curtain wall underneath the barrage structure to prevent seepage when the barrage radial gate at completely closed position. Construction of both barrage structure and intake pump station progressed smoothly and completed as scheduled for handing over to M&E counterpart for installation of radial gate, pumping plant and other M&E equipments.

Compared to barrage structure and intake pump station, construction of the water treatment plant (WTP) was considered rather straight forward. The design of WTP was conventional type with flat bottom clarifier. Two (2) group of experienced reinforced concrete work teams were deployed to undertake the various structures/buildings within the WTP. The construction of WTP was also completed as scheduled with all the treatment process systems, chemical dosing systems, sludge treatment facilities, treated water pumping systems and all associated instrumentations and control system completely installed ready for testing and commissioning. However, due to the delay in TNB power supply to the site, the commissioning of the overall works was slightly delay.