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Project Background
Pakej 3 - Construction and Completion of R.C. Balancing Reservoir, Pumping Main, Falling Main and Associated Works

This Contract Pakej 3 - Construction and Completion of R.C. Balancing Reseroir, Pumping Main, Falling Main and Associated Works was implemented concurrently with the Contract Pakej 2, whereby, treated water from treatment works will be pumped to a balancing reservoir through a 800mm diameter pumping main for onward transmission to demand areas.

As in the case of Contract PakeJ 2, JBANS awarded the Contract to Konsortium MBI-SCT, which in-turn, sub-contracted the works to Asia Baru Construction Sdn Bhd.

Briefly, the scope of works for this Contract comprised the following major components:

- 18ML capacity reinforced concrete Bukit Kunyit Balancing Reservoir, access road and associated works.

- 800mm diameter mild steel pumping main from water treatment works to Bukit Kunyit Balancing Reservoir, approximately 11.2km long.

- 1000mm diameter mild steel falling main from Bukit Kunyit Reservoir to the junction of reservoir's access road, approximately 1.2km long.

- Mechanical and electrical works including external lighting.
Project Information
Client / Owner: Jabatan Bekalan Air Sembilan (JBANS)
Consultant: Sepakat Setia Perunding Sdn Bhd
Main Contractor: Konsortium MBI-SCT
Sub-Contractor: Asia Baru Construction Sdn Bhd
Date of Commencement: 28th November 2007
Date of Completion: 27th November 2009
Project Methodology
The 18 Mld capacity reinforced concrete reservoir was sited at a hill top with elevation more than 80m higher than surrounding area. An access road of about 1.2km to be constructed from public road for access to the hill top. Approximately 240,000 cu.m of earth materials to be excavated and disposed off-site.

Site clearance and bulk excavation commened within one (1) month's time from the date of commencement after fulfulling all the conditions precedents and completion of joint/site survey between the Contractor and the Consultant's representative. During its peak, up to six (6) excavators and twenty four (24) lorried were deployed for bulk excavation works. The earthworks was sufficiently completed by the 8th month to enable commencement of reservoir RC works. The RC works progressed ad completed as planned, i.e. two (2) months before the Date of Completion. Filling of reservoir for watertightness test was rather challenging as the reservoir was located remotely from any source of treated water or any stream/river. A portable pumpset was installed at the entrance of access road tapping potable water from an existing 200mm JBA distribution main. Due to the limited water available, pumping to the reservoir was only allowed during off-demand hours at night time. To expedite the filling of reservoir, the edges of reservoir roof slab was raised with 50mm thick cement mortar to catch whatever rain water fall on the roof slab and channel it into the reservoir.

Due to the high pumping head, the 800mm diameter treated water pumping main was designed to PN25 pressure rating, with steel plate thicker than normally practised. Although laying of this 12km pipeline was completed within the allocated time frame without undue difficulty, the challenge was to carry out field hydrostatic pressure test up to 25 bar for each stretch of completed pipelines (approximately 2.0 to 2.5km per stretch). With the extreme care been exercised right from commencement of works, such as welding of joints, casting of thrust and anchor blocks, tightening of all bolted joints, bracing of end cap etc, all the stretches of completed pipelines proved to be able to withstand the test pressure up to 25 bar, as specified.