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PROJECTS > Proposed Development of New LCC Terminal (KLIA2) and Associated Works At KLIA, Sepang

Project Background
Malaysia Airport Holding Berhad called an open tender for the Proposed Development of New LCC Terminal and Associated Works At KL International Airport, Sepang, Selangor, Package UT01 - Water Distribution. Asia Baru Construction Sdn Bhd was successful in its bid and was awarded the Contract. The works under the Contract, when completed, will supply potable water to the new LCC Terminal (subsequently re-named as KLIA2) Airport by a branch-off tee from nearby existing 1000mm diameter pipeline.

Briefly, the scope of works under the Contract comprised the following major components:

- Supply and lay 1000mm diameter mild steel pipe, approximately 6.3km long.

- Supply and lay 600mm diameter mild steel pipe, approximately 6.1km long.

- Pipejacking of 1500mm diameter RC sleeve as road crossing for 1000mm diameter mild steel pipe, 63m long.

- All other associated ancillary works.
Project Information
Client / Owner: Malaysia Airport Holding Berhad
Consultant: SMHB Sdn Bhd
Main Contractor: Asia Baru Construction Sdn Bhd
Sub-Contractor: -
Date of Commencement: 14th May 2010
Date of Completion: 31st March 2013
Project Methodology
As the Contract works was solely for supply and laying of mild steel pipes, there was no physical works can be carried out prior to delivery of mild steel pipe to the site. This was duly highlighted to the Client during the Kick-Off Meeting. While awaiting for pipe delivery, the project team concentrated on submission for materials approval, i.e. mild steel pipes and fittings, valves, sand, ready-mix concrete, steel reinforcement etc. Work method statements for pipelaying and pipejacking also been submitted for approval.

Upon delivery of mild steel pipes and fittings to the site, pipelaying works immediately commenced during the third week of August 2010. The pipejacking works also commenced in early November after delivery of RC Jacked pipes to the site. By the end of December 2010, majority of the 1000mm diameter pipes and pipejacking works at the perimeter road leading to the proposed KLIA2 Airport were completed and tested. However, as our pipelaying team intended to continue with the laying of 600mm diameter mild steel pipes located within the compound of the proposed KLIA2 Airport, we were been informed by MAHB that the platform for 600mm diameter pipeline at the runway, taxiway and main terminal building areas were not ready for infrastructure works including our water mains.

The Contract were extended five (5) times until 31st March 2013, i.e. a total extension of more than nineteen (19) months compared to the original contract period of only 15 months. During this period, MAHB issued five (5) Site Instructions for additional works and modification to the original scope of works. The final contract sum thus increased to RM 20,175,710.74 against the original sum of RM 13,860,000.00.

Despite all the problems relating to site coordinates, double and triple handling of materials, constantly changing site logistic road network and access, urgent attempt to particular area of work on ad-hoc basis, short notice to complete works at critical interfacing areas with other contractors etc, Asia Baru being a responsible Contractor has rendered full co-operations to the Client and other contractors at the site. Such situation even prolonged into Defect Liability Period and Asia Baru's has maintained a full time work team at the site to carry out any remedial or modification works when so needed by the Client.