Asia Baru Construction
We are in civil and building construction with particular specialisation in Water Works and Sewerage project ranging from sewerage treatment plant, river intakes, water treatment plants, storage tanks, reservoirs, pipe laying and major diversion...etc

Project Background
The main components for the extension and upgrading works at Kuala Jelai Water Supply System are as follows :-

(a) Civil Works
* River gates including a 12m wide base width river diversion
* Walkway from river gate to existing sludge lagoons
* Raised steel platform at existing intake
* Site formation, earthworks, roadworks, fencing and landscape works
* Five flocculation and clarifier tanks
* Clarifier control building
* Four filters
* One chlorine contact and clear water tanks in two compartments
* All main connecting pipework including connection to existing works
* Modification works to existing Chemical Building
* Modification works to existing Chlorine Building
* Drainage and overflow system

(b) Plant
* River gate, crane and associated mechanical, electrical and instrumentation works
* Installation of two new raw water pumpsets including associated valves, pipeworks and electrical works at the spare bays of Phase 2 intake
* Raising of existing raw water pumps local control panel to the proposed steel platform including extension of cables to the pumps for Phase 1 and Phase 2 intake
* Sand ejector system
* All plant, equipment, pipework, valves and penstocks for the water treatment process system for clarification and filtration
* All plant, equipment, pipework and valves for backwash
* New chemical handling, storage, preparation and dosing system including modification to the existing system
* All electrical system for high voltage and low voltage system
Instrumentation & SCADA
* Building services, water sampling equipment and laboratory system
Project Information
Client / Owner: Pengurusan Aset Air Berhad
Consultant: SMHB Sdn Bhd
Main Contractor: Setaracita Construction & Trading Sdn Bhd
Sub-Contractor: Asia Baru Construction Sdn Bhd
Date of Commencement: 10th December 2012
Date of Completion: 5th March 2015
Project Methodology