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We are in civil and building construction with particular specialisation in Water Works and Sewerage project ranging from sewerage treatment plant, river intakes, water treatment plants, storage tanks, reservoirs, pipe laying and major diversion...etc

Project Background
This Project is implemented with the objective to supply treated water to RAPID workers camp as well as consumers at Tanjung Pengelih area. Treated water from Syarikat Air Johor (SAJ) source will be tapped from existing SAJ pipeline at KR road junction at Federal Road FT92 and conveyed through about 14.78km long of mild steel pipeline with nominal diameter DN 650/500mm.

The main components of the Project are as follows :-

a) Hot Tapping and Pipe Jointing Works at FT92/KKR Road Junction and J52/Public Access road
The Hot Tapping Works comprises pipe jacking across Federal Trunk FT92 inclusive of sleeves, grouting as per JKR requirements, hot tapping on to the existing 450mm diameter SAJ pipelines as per the SAJ requirements, provision of valves for subsequent disconnection and reconnection ; provision of valves for connection to Section 4 of PAMER pipeline and subsequent connection and disconnection to PAMER pipeline.

b) Pipeline Works from FT92/KKR Road Junction to J52/Public Access Road Junction
Procurement, testing at manufacturer’s works, delivery, installation, testing and commissioning for the potable water supply of approximately 10.5km of 650mm diameter Mild Steel Cement Lined pipeline from Syarikat Air Johor’s (SAJ) pipeline along Federal Trunk FT92/KKR Road Junction to tee-off to Temporary Camp Facilities and approximately 4km of 500mm diameter Mild Steel Cement Lined pipeline from tee-off to Temporary Camp Facilities to SAJ’s pipeline along J52/Public Access Road Junction.

c) Hydrostatic Pressure and Leakage Testing
Field hydrostatic pressure and leakage test, sterilization, flushing as required by Syarikat Air Johor, and everything else necessary for the supply of potable water from SAJ’s pipeline along FT92 Junction to SAJ’s pipeline along J52 Junction.

d) Procurement, Construction and Commissioning of all valves, specials, fittings and flow meter as required by Syarikat Air Johor.
Project Information
Client / Owner: PRPC Sdn Bhd [PETRONAS]
Consultant: SMHB Sdn Bhd
Main Contractor: Konsortium Asia Baru PPC JV
Date of Commencement: 16th January 2015
Date of Completion: 31st July 2015
Project Methodology