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PROJECTS > Contract No.4 : Refurbishment And Upgrading Of Kg.Paloh Water Treatment Plant and Associated works

Project Background
Kg. Paloh Water Treatment Plant (KPWTP) is located in Mukim of Layang Layang (district of Perak Tengah) near Parit. The source of raw water is from Sungai Perak. The existing capacity of Kg. Paloh Water Treatment Plant is 7 Mgd implemented under Stage I of Dinding Water Supply Scheme in the seventies. A decision was made by Lembaga Air Perak (LAP) to refurbish and upgrade the plant capacity to 16.4 Mgd to cater for the increasing water demand in Manjung District. An open tender was called by LAP and Asia Baru Construction Sdn. Bhd. was successful in its bid and was awarded the Contract. The Contract is to design, supply, construct, upgrade, refurbish, test and commission the treatment plant with a construction period of 18 months and thereafter to train LAP's personnel to operate the upgraded KPWTP for 3 months and subsequently to maintain the plant up to the expiry of the Defect Liability Period.

Briefly, the scope of works for the project comprises the following major components:

> Construction of a new raw water intake and ancillary works.
> Construction of a new treated water pumphouse, clear water tank, TNB switchroom and lime house.
> Refurbishment of existing chemical building and plant.
> Design, construct and upgrading of existing water treatment plant to 16.4 Mgd. This to include the turnkey portion to design and construct the new raw water distribution channel, upgrading of existing clarifiers, filters and all related works.
> Refurbishment of existing Administration Building and Laboratory.
> Upgrading and refurbishment of existing instrumentation, telemetry and SCADA system.
> All mechanical and electrical works.
Project Information
Client / Owner: Lembaga Air Perak (LAP)
Consultant: Jurutera Perunding Tegap (JPT)
Main Contractor: Asia Baru Construction Sdn. Bhd.
Sub-Contractor: N/A
Date of Commencement: 1st July 2004
Date of Completion: 31st December 2005
Project Methodology
Immediately upon receipt of the Letter of Award and after fulfilling all the conditions precedents, soil investigation (SI) in the form of Mackistosh Probes were carried out at the intake and raw water distribution channel (RWDC) including the survey and setting out of all new buildings/structures. The SI revealed that only the RWDC requires piling. In the meantime, all brands/models of the M&E plants and equipment as submitted during the Tender were tabled in the 1st meeting with LAP/JPT for approval. Most major items were approved and accordingly procurement was placed with the approved supplier.

At site, the construction of the intake structure proved to be rather challenging. Owing to the fluctuating river water level in Sg. Perak ranging as much as 2m during low and high flows and the sandy subsoil condition, 12m length interlocking temporary sheet pile cofferdam was designed and constructed before incidental excavation was carried out to the founding level which is some 10m deep from the original ground level. To increase the seepage path and to avoid boiling or liquefaction, bulk excavation of some 3.5 depth was carried out first before installing the sheet pile cofferdam such that sufficient embedment length of the sheet pile is available to cut off the seepage path in order to carry out the excavation and concreting of the intake RC base slab in the dry. The intake structure was completed within 5 month to enable the M&E works like inlet penstocks, coarse and fine screens to be installed before the extraction of sheet pile such that installation of raw water submersible pumpsets which were delivered to site much later can still be installed in the dry.

For M&E works, ABC had planned and implemented a systematic coordination and tracking during erection/installation period. As a matter of fact, the overall project was consistently ahead of schedule in terms of physical works of about 2 months right up to pre-commissioning site tests when TNB power supply problem was encountered. However, with joint cooperation of the Client, Consultant and the Contractor's determination and persistence to press TNB, temporary supply from TNB Parit were given only in late October 2005. This delay on TNB's part had wiped out the Contractor's earlier 2 months time advantage of being ahead. With the temporary power supply, partial commissioning (half stream) was carried out and the upgraded treatment plant was put into operation and supplying about 8.2 Mgd during the early part of November 2006.

With the availability of permanent power supply by TNB in early January 2006, the ultimate throughput of 16.4 Mgd performance/guarantee tests of the Kg. Paloh Treatment Plant was carried out from 11th January to 15th January 2006. All the guarantee parameters including the water quality parameters monitored were within the acceptance criteria. Despite the actual completion date and hand over to LAP being on 15th January 2005 i.e. an overshot of 15 days, LAP had in fact issued a Certificate of Completion stipulating the Date of Completion as 31st December 2005 i.e. the same date as per the original Contract Completion Date.

The successful completion of the project is quite a formidable achievement for Asia Baru Construction Sdn. Bhd., considering that no unnecessary stoppage or interruption had occurred during the entire implementation period. With the upgraded water treatment plant, LAP will continue to supply uninterrupted potable water to the consumers in the Manjung Districts. More so now that the newly upgraded Kg. Paloh Water Treatment has almost doubled its capacity, thus capable of meeting the rising demands in years to come.