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PROJECTS > Construction And Completion Of Wangsa Maju Booster Pumping System And Ancillary Works

Project Background
The works under this project from part of the works under the scheme for effective utilisation of water supply from Sg. Selangor Phase 3 Bukit Badong source works and strategies for relieving the Sg. Semenyih and Sg. Langat supplies.

Prior to year 2004, demand areas in Pudu Ulu, Cheras Indah, Pandan, Shamelin Perkasa, Dato Keramat AU3 etc. received water supply from Sg. Langat source works. Treated water from Sg. Langat Treatment Plant was pumped to Langat Balancing Reservoir and subsequently gravitated to New Pudu Ulu Reservoir in Cheras area. This New Pudu Ulu Reservoir serves as the storage reservoir supplying the demand areas mentioned above.

Due to the increase in water demand exerted by new housing and commercial developments and commitment of Sg. Langat Treatment Plant to satisfy the consumers located upstream of these areas, a new alternative water supply source is therefore required as the Sg. Langat source works had been stretched to the limit.

Meanwhile, the Sg. Selangor Phase 3 Bukit Badong source works had been completed and surplus water was available for supply to other demand areas. However, the capacity of the existing trunk supply network could only convey the surplus water up to Wangsa Maju area. Therefore, new pumping facility was required to boost the pressure in the system for supplying the surplus water to New Pudu Ulu Reservoir, which is located more than 20 km away from Wangsa Maju. In order to achieve this objective, this project was implemented by Perbadanan Urus Air Selangor Berhad (PUAS), now SYABAS on fast-track basis through invited tender. The contract was awarded to Lebar Daun Construction Sdn Bhd, i.e. the tenderer who submitted the lowest bid. The whole Contract was in turn sub-contracted to Asia Baru Construction Sdn. Bhd.

Briefly, the scope of works for this Contract Package comprises the following major components:

> Construction of booster pump station including provision of temporary cofferdam.

> Construction of TNB sub-station, 11kV switchroom and transformer yard.

> Laying of 1200mm diameter incoming suction main from Dusun Kubong Reservoir and delivery main to New Pudu Ulu Reservoir complete with surge suppression system, electrically actuated control valves including inter-connection to the existing pipelines.

> Supply and installation of 5 Nos. 45 Mld capacity variable speed pumps and variable speed drive motors.

> Supply and installation of TNB metering panels, switchgears, transformers, control panels and power cabling.

> Supply and installation of 1200mm diameter electromagnetic flowmeters, instrumentation and control cabling including remote transmission to New Pudu Ulu Site and PUAS Head Office.

> All other associated M&E works including building services and external lighting.

> All other associated civil and structural works including retaining wall, drain, road, fencing etc.
Project Information
Client / Owner: Perbadanan Urus Air Selangor Berhad (PUAS)
Consultant: SMHB Sdn. Bhd.
Main Contractor: Lebar Daun Construction Sdn Bhd
Sub-Contractor: Asia Baru Construction Sdn Bhd
Date of Commencement: 18th September 2003
Date of Completion: 17th March 2004
Project Methodology
Due to the serious water shortage in some demand areas supplied by Sg. Langat source works, PUAS required that the works under this project be completed within six (6) months period, i.e. by 17/3/2004 (the original completion date).

Upon receipt of Letter of Award from the Main Contractor, Asia Baru immediately initiated meeting/discussion with the Consultant and Client to confirm the proposed brand/make of pumps and variable speed drives which had already been submitted during tender stage. Within one (1) week after the date of commencement, procurement for these two major equipment were placed in order to ensure their delivery to the site by the 5th months for installation. Procurement for other equipment such as valves, switchgears, transformers, cables, etc. were also confirmed within the subsequent week.

While the Project Management team in the Head Office were actively sourcing the materials and equipment, the site supervisory team and workforce were mobilised to the site immediately upon commencement of the project. Upon lodgement of all the necessary insurances and performance bond, thus fulfilling all the conditions precedent, physical works i.e. erection of temporary cofferdam using inter-locking sheet pile commenced on the second week. Construction of booster pump station was substantially completed within 2.5 months and the TNB sub-station, consumer switchroom and transformer yard were completed by the end fourth month. These buildings and structures were ready for installation of M&E equipment.

During this time, fabrication for both the pumpsets and variable speed drives were completed and factory acceptance test were carried out at the place of manufacturers (oversea) and witnessed by the Consultant and Client's representatives. While awaiting for the delivery of pumpsets and variable speed drives, all plant and equipment fabricated locally were delivered to the site and properly installed.

Installation of all the M&E plant and equipment were completed two (2) weeks before the original date of completion (17th March 2004). However, due to the delay in TNB power supply to the site, testing and commissioning of the pumping system were only completed on 9/7/2004. Immediately upon completion of commissioning, the plant was handed over to PUAS for operation and put into service to pump 40 MGD water from Wangsa Maju to New Pudu Ulu Reservoir.

Due to the small capacity of the existing suction (approximately 0.5 MG) in comparison with the inflow, PUAS instructed the Contractor to carry out additional works for overflow control system. The Contract was therefore extended and fully completed only on 17/5/2005, capping another successful project completed by Asia Baru Construction Sdn. Bhd.