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PROJECTS > Proposed Laying of 450mm FID MSCL Pipe From Bangi Lama Reservoir To Pekan Semenyih

Project Background
The residents of Bandar Rinching including its surrounding vicinities and the commercial/industrial areas of Beranang in the District of Hulu Langat had been experiencing shortages of water supply. This had been the case for quite some times due to insufficient water pressure and partly because of its faraway locations where they are at the tail end of the existing supply line from Sg. Langat and Sg. Cheras Water Treatment Plant.

The prolong water shortages were so bad that temporary storage tanks were put up by Perbadanan Urus Air Selangor Berhad (PUAS) and supplies were brought in by tankers as temporary relief. These measures too proved rather irregular which caused untold inconveniences to the users/residents. Their woes and plights were highlighted by the print media in October 2003 and PUAS on its part promised swift action.

In the light of the above, Asia Baru Construction Sdn. Bhd (ABC) submitted a proposal to PUAS entitled "Proposed Laying of 450mm Fid MSCL Pipe from Bangi Lama Reservoir to Pekan Semenyih" in late October 2003. In the said proposal, ABC proposes to utilise the water supply from Semenyih Water Treatment Plant by way of interconnecting the existing 1100mm dia. and 600mm dia. pipe already supplying to Bangi Lama Reservoir and Bandar Makota Bangi respectively. In addition to this interconnecting work, a new 450mm dia. pipe of approximately 10.7 km was proposed to be laid along the old Bangi-Semeyih Road and connect to the existing 700mm diameter pipe at Semenyih Town, which in turn will augment the supply to the demand centres in Rinching/Beranang and Tasik Kesuma areas.

The technical and financial proposal by ABC was duly discussed by the PUAS's Committee in early November 2003 and the Letter of Acceptance was issued to ABC on 10th November 2003. The date of possession of Site was stipulated to be on 24th November 2003 and completion date on 23rd January 2004 i.e. a completion period of 2 months.

Briefly, the Scope of Works for this project comprises the following major components:

> Carrying out engineering survey and the design of the proposed 450mm dia. MSCL pipe.

> Laying, testing and commissioning of the proposed 450mm dia. MSCL pipeline from Bangi Lama Reservoir to Pekan Semenyih of approximately 10.7 km.

> Interconnection of existing 1100mm dia. and 600mm dia. pipe with the proposed 450mm dia. pipe at Bangi Lama Reservoir using hot tapping method.

> Connection work of existing 700mm dia. pipe with the proposed 450mm dia. pipe using hot tapping method at Semenyih Town including incorporating a 700mm dia. isolating BV upstream of the connection works.

> Supply of related materials and construction of associated civil works.
Project Information
Client / Owner: Perbadanan Urus Air Selangor Berhad (PUAS)
Consultant: N/A
Main Contractor: Asia Baru Construction Sdn. Bhd.
Sub-Contractor: N/A
Date of Commencement: 24th November 2003
Date of Completion: 11th January 2004
Project Methodology
Upon receipt of the Letter of Acceptance (LoA), the lodgement of the Cover Notes for CARs insurances and Workmen Compensation was submitted to PUAS, thus fulfilling all the conditions precedent. This was immediately followed by engineering survey by Licensed Surveyor to pick up the site details and longitudinal profile to enable the preliminary Plan & Profile (P&P) Drawing for the proposed pipeline to be prepared progressively. The short window of about 10 days (from LoA to actual possession of Site on 24/11/2003) had been utilised to carry out the survey works and investigation to gain some time before actual physical pipelaying works.

Based on these P&P drawings, the quantity of straight pipe lengths, specials and fittings and valves were submitted to PUAS to enable their Nominated Suppliers to place order or manufacture the said appurtenances for timely deliveries. Similarly, these drawings were used by ABC to procure jointing materials and other materials like collars etc. for laying/installation of the pipeline.

Thanks to this fast-track arrangement and coordination by Asia Baru's project team, the supply of pipes and fittings were generally on schedule to ensure uninterrupted laying of pipes. However, for valves supply, problems were encountered whereby the Nominated Suppliers could not supply the required quantity on time (e.g. the 750mm, 450mm, 150mm and 100mm dia. valve). This was fortunately resolved by ABC with consent by PUAS by way of sourcing the balance quantity by ABC's regular suppliers of the same.

For pipelaying, four (4) separate gangs were mobilised to lay the 10.7 km of pipeline. Physical pipelaying started in earnest only on 28th November 2003, immediately after the Hari Raya Adilfitri break and completed on 7th January 2004 including all interconnection works. Construction of overcrossings, final jointing up, valve chambers and other concrete works closely followed. The water conveyance system was put into use or commissioned on 11th January 2004, some two (2) weeks ahead of contractual completion date of 23rd January 2004.

Effectively, only 35 days had been expended to complete the overall works, after taking into accounts of all the Public Holidays during the construction period which covered Hari Raya, Christmas and the New Year breaks. What's more, the Contractor has to contend with the Government ban of non-essential heavy vehicles on public roads for two days before and after these major breaks. This Government imposition had affected pipe and other materials deliveries for two (2) pipelaying gangs who were carrying out pipelaying works along the JKR road shoulder at the time. Despite these shortened working days, the Contractor managed to catch up the loss time by working late into the night, especially for connection works.

To lay and complete 10.7 km of pipes within two (2) months by any contractor would have been exemplary by any measure. But to complete the same in what was effectively only 35 days was really quite a feat on Asia Baru's part. The achievement was more remarkable if one considers the fact that this includes survey, investigation, design & build and commissioning of the overall Works.

Notwithstanding the above, the early completion of the project was another small contribution by Asia Baru to assist PUAS to alleviate the water woes of the residents in Bandar Rinching and its surrounding areas. This too had fostered a lot of goodwill and lessened the aggravation and anger as expressed by the residents in dialogues between PUAS and the affected residents at the peak of the water shortages.