Cadangan Pembinaan Loji Rawatan Air (LRA) Kahang Yang Baru Dan Sistem Agihan Air Daripada LRA Kahang

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Project Information

Kahang, Johor

Client / Owner

Bahagian Perancang Ekonomi Negeri Johor (BPENJ)


HLA Associates Sdn Bhd

Main Contractor

Konsortium PDT – Asia Baru

Date of Commencement

28th November 2017

Date of Completion

28th November 2020

A design and build project implemented by the State Government of Johor to provide additional treated water supply to Kluang District from the new Kahang Dam to ensure supply adequacy during the dry seasons and to meet future demand as well as to phase out old WTPs with unreliable raw water sources.

The project scope includes:

  1. Construction of a raw water Booster Pump Station of 90MLd capacity at Kahang Dam.
  2. Laying of 2.8km length of 1200mm dia. and 15km of 1000mm dia. MSCL pipelines.
  3. Construction of a water treatment plant of 90 MLd capacity with M&E works for an initial phase of 45 MLd capacity.
  4. Construction of two balancing reservoirs (Sembrong Timur 3) of 6.5ML capacity.
  5. Upon completion of raw water Booster Pump Station, provide O&M to supply raw water to an existing WTP then upon completion of WTP revert the raw water supply pipeline to a treated water pumping main for supply to the two balancing reservoirs.