Kuala Sawah Sewage Treatment Project

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Project Information

Kuala Sawah STP, Negeri Sembilan

Client / Owner



Nippon Jogesuido Sekkei Co. Ltd and Minconsult Sdn. Bhd

Main Contractor

KEN Joint Venture


Asia Baru Construction Sdn. Bhd.

Date of Commencement

1st November 2007

Date of Completion

7th July 2008

The new Kuala Sawah Sewage Treatment Plant (KSSTP) involves the construction of a mechanised STP to provide additional treatment capacity at the existing Kuala Sawah STP site for 240,000 PE. It is proposed to divert the existing sewage flow to the new mechanised plant so that the existing ponds, having a design treatment capacity of 140,000 PE can be used to provide buffer capacity for any increase in flow until the 2nd stage upgrading of the mechanised STP, or as standby facility in case of breakdown of the new STP.

The proposed STP will receive sewage through a 1350 mm dia. MS force main from the existing Kuala Sawah Pump Station, which could be ultimately upgraded to handle 500,000 PE. The advanced oxidation ditch, which was preceded by automatic screen and Vortex Grit Chambers, will be provided with air diffusers and submersible mixers; followed by circular Clarifiers. Effluent from the Clarifiers will be UV-disinfected in order to meet “Standard A – Effluent Discharge Standards” set by DOE. Disinfected effluent will be measured by a fixed measuring weir and discharged via a 1650 mm dia. RC pipe connected to an existing outlet chamber before discharging to Sungai Linggi at 7km downstream from Sg. Linggi Raw water Intake/Treatment Plant site.

The overall project scope comprises of four (4) numbers of STPs; namely Damansara STP, Sunggala STP, Kuala Sawah STP and Sg. Udang CSTF. The implementation of this Sewage Treatment Project in Malaysia was funded by JBIC Loan No. MXVIII-2.

The above-mentioned overall project was awarded to Kajima-Ebara-Nishihara JV (in short, KEN Joint Venture). Asia Baru Construction Sdn. Bhd was involved in the construction of the civil portion of Kuala Sawah STP (P3C2) only and the scope of works as awarded by Kajima Corporation comprises of the following major components:

  1. Structural works: Construction of Grit Chamber (1 No.), Clarifiers (4 Nos.) and UV Disinfection (1 No.).
  2. Pipeworks: Supply and lay In-Plant Process Pipeworks (MS pipes ranging from 700mm dia. to 1400 mm dia.- overall about 2.0km) and Yard Works (1650mm dia. effluent RC pipe – about 1.05km).