New Gadek Treatment Works And Bulk Transfer - Package B

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Project Information

Gadek, Melacca

Client / Owner

Perbadanan Air Melaka (PAM)


SMHB Sdn. Bhd.

Main Contractor

Asia Baru Construction Sdn. Bhd.

Date of Commencement

1st August 2001

Date of Completion

30th June 2003

The existing 4.5 Mld Gadek Treatment Works was built some 40 years ago. It was in a dilapidated and obsolete state and refurbishment was uneconomical. A decision was made by Perbadanan Air Melaka (PAM) to demolish this existing Treatment Works and to construct a modern one in the same locations with nominal capacity of 55 Mld to cater for the increasing water demand. An open tender was called by PAM and Asia Baru Construction Sdn. Bhd. was successful in its bid and was awarded the contract on a fixed non-escalating lump sum price to design, construct, test and commission the treatment works for a construction period of 20 months and henceforth operate and maintain the Works during the 12 months Defects Liability Period.

Briefly, the scope of work for the project comprised the following major components:

  1. Demolition and disposal of the existing treatment works.
  2. Site formation works, turfing, access roads, drainage system, security fencing and gates.
  3. Intake and raw water pumping station including river protection works.
  4. Raw water pumping main.
  5. Process unit comprising aerator, mixing chambers, flocculation tanks, settling tanks including clarifier control building, filter tanks and filter control building and lastly, contact and clear water tank.
  6. Administration building.
  7. Chemical and chlorination building.
  8. Waste water handling unit comprising washwater settling tanks and sludge pumphouse, sludge thickening tanks and sludge balancing tank.
  9. Sludge lagoons inclusive of inlet, outlet, drainage and protection works.
  10. Treated water pumping station.
  11. Other ancillary buildings like TNB substation, consumer switchroom, guard house, store and weigh bridge.
  12. 750mm Fid. MS pumping main from the Treatment Works to the new Bkt. Tiga balancing reservoir and connection to the existing reservoir.
  13. 18.0 ML balancing reservoir at Bkt. Tiga inclusive of switchroom, site formation works, turfing, access road, drainage work, gate & fencing.
  14. Complete M&E works for the Water Treatment Plant comprising pumping plant, electrical plant, process and chemical plant, instrumentation and SCADA system, building services, sewerage disposal system, service water system, tools, tests instruments and spare parts for all items of the Plant.