Projek Pembinaan Empangan Kahang


Project Information

Kahang, Johor

Client / Owner

Jabatan Bekalan Air Kementerian Tenaga, Teknologi Hijau Dan Air


HLA Associates Sdn Bhd

Main Contractor

Asia Baru Construction Sdn Bhd

Date of Commencement

15th May 2014

Date of Completion

14th May 2017

The works, “Projek Pembinaan Empangan Kahang di Daerah Kluang, Johor” forms part of the construction of the engineering works to meet the projected water demand in Kluang District.

Project scope of works include:

  1. Site clearing
  2. Construction of an earth fill dam with a capacity of 23 MCM with all necessary earth works, drilling & grouting, geotechnical instrumentation and turfing.
  3. Construction of an Inlet & Outlet Structure, Intake Tower, Spillway, Stilling Basin, Access Bridge, Transfer Culvert and Seepage Chamber.
  4. Construction of all support structures within Dam site comprising of an Administration Building, Valve House, TNB Substation, Guard House and Boat House.
  5. All piping works within the transfer culvert and laying of 1200mm diameter Raw Water Pipeline.
  6. Construction of 2.5 km Main Access Road to Dam site.
  7. All external works inclusive of drainage, sewerage works, fencing and potable water supply.
  8. All mechanical, electrical works and instrumentations works.